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Professor Kevin Dalby Discusses Five Ways to Build Mental Resilience in a Crisis

Originally published on It is no secret that our world is going through a crisis. With an unpredictable virus in the air, along with an economically damaging quarantine, how do you stay mentally sane? The answer is building mental resilience. Psychologists define mental resilience as adapting successfully and proactively in the face of stressful situations such as trauma, tragedy, severe health, or relationship problems. Those who build mental resilience do not let the world drag them down for long. Kevin Dalby, Austin -based professor of chemical biology and medicinal chemistry at the College of Pharmacy at The University of Texas, notes that it is essential to continually work at healthy mental practices to keep your mind in the right place. Below, Dalby shares five ways to build mental resilience during a crisis, such as the current pandemic. Way #1: Let Go of What You Cannot Control  When your life gets rocked, and you are trying to balance re