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Kevin Dalby, UT Austin Professor, Discusses DNA Testing — A Promising Weapon in the War on Cancer

Originally published on The fruits of the   Human Genome Project   are showing promise in diagnosing and treating cancer.   Modern   oncology is in the midst of radical change, with DNA testing methods designed to help patients live longer through early cancer detection and treatment. Dr.   Kevin Dalby   explains some of the ways in which DNA testing is proving to be a promising weapon in the war on cancer. Predictive Genetic Testing This type of testing looks for any inherited gene mutation that could put someone at a higher risk of getting some cancer types. People who have a family history of cancer can see if they have the gene mutation that would, in turn, increase their risk of getting cancer themselves. By identifying the gene mutation early, they can potentially lower their particular risk to that cancer. In addition, people who have been diagnosed with cancer can benefit from this testing, too. DNA testing could show if the patient also has a high risk o

Dr. Kevin Dalby One of Six UT Austin Faculty Members to Receive a Grant for Cancer Research

 Originally published on Dr.  Kevin Dalby , the principal investigator at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas at Austin, is one of six faculty members set to receive a recent grant to support ongoing, innovative cancer research. Recently, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute awarded the six grants to UT faculty members as part of 73  grants they gave statewide that total more than $142 million. At the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Kevin Dalby is leading the investigation that will use the CPRIT award toward the Targeted Therapeutic Drug Discovery and Development Program. The goal of this particular program is to use new and integrated approaches to targeted molecular drug discovery. By doing this, it will increase the number of new compounds in the state of Texas that process needed qualities to eventually inhibit growth targets in tumors. Many researchers in the field of cancer have identified critically important targets related to cancer. However, a  crit

Kevin Dalby Discusses Pharmaceutical Research in 2021: Current Trends and Innovations

  Originally published on In today’s economic and technological environments, the pharmaceutical industry  faces  rapid challenges in 2021 and beyond. As such, biotech and Pharmaceutical Research companies have to innovate to  continually  stay ahead of the game. Kevin Dalby, UT Austin  professor, says it’s no longer enough for these companies to focus only on selling medications. Instead, they must embrace technology and current trends to stay ahead of the game. Here are some of the top trends and innovations happening in the Pharmaceutical field. The Use of Big Data Every industry is Scrambling to collect, digest, understand, and use big data, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. These companies deal with large data volumes consistently as they develop and discover new drugs. Today, many pharmaceutical companies are trying to work with third parties to help them better manage this data. For 2021 and beyond, pharmaceutical companies will be using advanced t