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Kevin Dalby Reveals 4 Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Mental Health

  Originally published on More so than ever before, people recognize the importance of mental health. In the past, most people focused on physical health. Today, though, it’s common knowledge that overall health can only be achieved with a solid balance of physical and mental health — since the two are directly connected. Over time, your mental health can change. As such, you must constantly work at putting yourself in the best mental position. Below,   Kevin Dalby, UT Austin   professor, outlines some daily habits to improve your mental health. Habit #1. Exercise and Eat Healthy This is a prime example of the direct connection between physical and   mental health . When you treat your body physically well, you’ll be boosting your mental health at the same time. It’s important to eat foods that are packed with nutrients that are vital to your body. When you exercise, you’ll be fighting off the potential of developing depression and anxiety as your body releases dopamine