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Professor Kevin Dalby discusses reading for comprehension and learning

  Originally published on While some people excel at learning from a textbook, others struggle to connect with the written word. Professor  Kevin Dalby  offers a simple, easy-to-understand strategy for comprehending complex texts, such as course content and textbooks. Learners can retain information when this strategy is followed because they are actively engaged in the learning process.   Active Learning  encompasses a broad range of teaching strategies, including the student as an active participant in the learning process. Examples of Active Learning are role-playing, peer teaching, and debates.   As it applies to the retention of written material, an excellent Active Learning technique is termed SQ3R. SQ3R is named after the five steps of the strategy:  S urvey,  Q uestion,  R ead,  R ecite, and  R eview. First developed to help military personnel become better readers, this learning method was introduced by  Francis “Frank” Pleasant Robinson  in 1946. It has become a r