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Dr. Kevin Dalby Reveals How to Stay Mentally Present at Work

  Originally published on While at work, you want to be as effective and productive as possible. Sometimes, though, if not particularly stimulated by the task at hand, our minds will start to wander and lose focus. In this article, Dr.  Kevin Dalby, an Austin-based professor  of chemical biology and medicinal chemistry, reveals his secrets to staying mentally present and aware while working. 1. Do Mindfulness Exercises to Stay Sharp Mindfulness exercises can assist you in grounding yourself and remaining present while you are working. This practice is especially helpful in high-stress situations or when completing monotonous tasks that do not require a lot of thinking. Meditation or simple breathing exercises can help keep your mind clear and focused. Apps like Headspace or Calm can help you to get started if you’ve never meditated before. 2. Use Reminders Sometimes,  all we need is a little reminder to do what we are supposed to . The mind naturally wanders, but we nee