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Kevin Dalby, Austin Oncology Researcher, Reviews Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Immunotherapy of Virus-Related Cancers

  Originally published on Did you know: Viruses are the cause of a large number of cancerous tumors. This alarming fact is the reason for the urgency behind the research scientists are pursuing concerning treatments of such virus sparked cancers. Immunotherapy is one of the promising treatment choices used to treat a different variety of tumors. Kevin Dalby, Austin -based scientist, working on cancer drug discovery, is currently studying the mechanisms of cancer cell signaling to develop targeted therapeutics. Through his research, Dalby is familiar with the use of checkpoint inhibitors as immunotherapy agents for virus-related cancers. Dalby goes into some detail on how checkpoint inhibitors are used in combination with individualized precision medicine for the treatment of virus-related cancers. Comprehending Immunotherapy A type of cancer treatment that assists in enhancing the  body’s natural defense  to battle cancer is known as immunotherapy. Through the use of m